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TCT What to Know

What to Know When Booking

Why should you Travel on an escorted tour? Have you ever wanted to travel the world but were not sure how? Piecing together a comprehensive journey can be an overwhelming task given all the details with airlines, accommodations, transportation, meals, sightseeing, and more. Leave behind the stress of planning and let our innovative tours make your travel dreams come true.
First, what is an escorted tour?
Your tour includes sightseeing, entertainment, admissions to museums and other venues, hotels, many meals featuring local specialties, and the services of a professional tour manager.

From choosing the right hotels to finding the perfect blend of must-see’s and off-the-beaten-path inclusions, the many pieces come together to create an extraordinary travel experience.

Let Us Do the Work
Of course, by spending a lot of time and effort you would be able to put together what looks like a good holiday. But do you really want to return home and discover that you missed something because you didn't know about it ahead of time? We encourage you to treat yourself to the freedom of touring. We plan ahead so you don’t have to worry about the details. Plus, this planning means we pass on volume buying power, which translates into huge savings compared to doing it on your own. And who needs the pressure of spending precious time to get a trip right when this might be your only chance to visit New Zealand or America’s National Parks?

Travel with Experts
Thomas Cook Tours has built a team of experts who are passionate about making travel a part of everyone’s life.
Creating. Our Product Managers circle the globe, designing every element of your travel experience. They do it all, so you can simply enjoy the adventure.
Planning. The Thomas Cook Tours team is always available to assist you. Whether it’s a request for more information, making a reservation, or finding ways to personalize your trip, we are there to help.
Leading. Part tour guide, part confidant, part concierge, our Tour Managers are with you throughout your travel experience.

How to Select Your Escorted Tour
Decisions about travel shouldn’t be taken lightly. So we have put together a short guide to point you in the right direction of experiencing the benefits of touring. Sometimes, it’s just great to be able to ask yourself a few questions in order to arrive at your destination. Of course, feel free to call us anytime with questions.

Determine Your Destination:

Start by making a list of factors that might help to weed out certain locations. Here are some questions to get you started.
• What is the first place that pops into your mind?
• Have you ever created a bucket list?
• Are there specific regions you enjoy frequenting because of the weather?
• Are architecture and history more important to you than beaches and sun?
• What types of cuisine do you enjoy?


Do you have only a few days, or do you have the opportunity to travel for months at a time? Travelling to Australia and New Zealand means it takes a bit longer to get there, so you’ll want to account for this.

Price is always a touchy subject, but we’re confident that you won’t find an escorted tour with such enriching locations — where you can absorb the lives and surroundings of other cultures — at the price that Thomas Cook Tours offers. It’s all about value for your money.

Departure Dates:
Consider what dates work best with your schedule. Also, think about the best time of year to visit a particular location. Have you always wanted to see New York City at Christmas? Be sure to check out our holiday tours! 

What Does the Price Include?
On the surface, tours from various operators may appear the same. Make a careful measure of the inclusions vs. options. A low “starting at” rate does not always make for a good tour. You may pay more in the long run when you account for the extras that we consider to be part of your experience. Compare all aspects of a tour operator’s detailed itinerary to our own, not just the advertised lead-in price. Quality and location of hotels, tour pacing, included meals, sightseeing, and baggage handling are all factors to be considered. Thomas Cook Tours’ long-standing history in the industry and strong buying power warrants incredible value, so our advertised price includes all necessary fees.

We’re Here to Help
If you begin to feel overwhelmed with all the rich travel information, feel free to stop by your local travel agent or pick up the phone and call one of our dedicated customer service representatives. We look forward to showing you the world!