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From the glorious, snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies and the European-influenced charm of the province of Quebec, to the excitement of lively New York City and the unique southern hospitality found in America’s Deep South, our North America tours will guide you through a tapestry of colourful destinations on your North America travels.

Destination Must-See's

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Washington, D.C.:

A tour of the United States can mean many things. Each region has its own culture and history. From Paul Revere’s ride through the New England countryside to San Francisco’s Golden Gate the promise of America rings true. Few other places offer so much. You may find yourself listening to jazz in New Orleans or meeting the cowboys of Jackson Hole. It could be the wilds of Yosemite or the back roads of Boston; either way few countries can offer so much.

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Niagara Falls:

The truth is we would run out of space (and adjectives) if we tried to fit in all the things that make Canada such a remarkable country. From the shores of the Canadian Maritimes to the European style of Quebec City and Montreal to epic Banff National Park and on to the forests of Vancouver, there is always more Canada to explore. Come along and explore the vibrant culinary scene, breathtaking landscapes and more.

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Grand Canyon:

Breathtaking panoramas and layers of vibrant colour tell the story of earth’s geological past. You will come to know why it draws nearly 5 million visitors each year who come to see this natural wonder of the world. The canyon’s massive span and dramatic hues dazzle the senses and inspire the spirit. This western wonder is so vast, it rises nearly a mile from the floor with the barely recognizable Colorado River flowing below.

Destination Must-Do's

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Canadian Rockies:

The highlight of the spectacular Canadian Rockies is a drive along the incredible Icefields Parkway. Paralleling the Great Divide, this special roadway is home to some of the most dramatic vistas in all of North America. Snowcapped mountains engulf the landscape, casting shadows on the adjacent glacial streams. Take time to stop at the Columbia Icefield – a dramatic 200 square mile stretch of land filled with glaciers. Here you may ride across a 1,000 foot thick glacier or walk on the Glacier Skywalk.

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New Orleans French Quarter

Nestled along the legendary Mississippi River, this historic cultural hub of the city has an old-world feel that attracts writers, musicians and artists. Its streets are lined with art galleries, antique stores, jazz clubs, nightclubs and restaurants. Its eclectic architectural style is a blend of Spanish, French, Creole and American influences. Cobblestone streets are lined with brick buildings that feature charming walled courtyards, ornate cast iron balconies, and copious stoops and porches, all creating the perfect atmosphere for people watching.

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Denali National Park:

This vast land has a fascinating ecosystem and is more than a park — it is a wildlife reserve. And perhaps its biggest claim to fame is being the home to North America’s highest peak, Denali, ascending more than 20,000 feet. This massive park is now more than 6 million acres, an area that can be compared to the size of Massachusetts. The park is home to nearly forty different varieties of mammals, but the most popular residents are moose, caribou, and wolves, and of course brown and grizzly bears. Denali is Alaska’s heartland and brings you up close to its majestic beauty and natural wonders.

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Canadian Maritimes:

Lush forests, soaring cliffs and limitless scenic vistas fill your journey through one of the world’s most spectacular coastal regions. You will find wonders like nowhere else including the dramatic tides of the Bay of Fundy and the stunning beauty of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. From the spirit of the outdoors to the old world Gaelic and French influences, you will be enthralled from start to finish.

Expert Advice

SandraPais 3

Sandra Pais

Product Manager
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What is there to say other than, go, and don’t limit yourself. There is so much to see and do. Go somewhere you have never been or ever knew about. It is those unknown experiences without preconceived notions that are the biggest delight!
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Another suggestion I always give my guests is to immerse yourself in the flavours of the region. Have some gumbo in New Orleans, try lobster in Nova Scotia, and cozy up to a cup of coffee in Seattle. Nothing draws you in to the culture like the local fare.

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